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Many men that have shown the courage to try on  full-bodied skirt quickly come to realize how comfortable it truly is.  Often they don't want to even take them off, but what would happen if they were seen in public wearing such attire?

The truth be known, once you start wearing skirts in public you will be astounded by how many compliments you will get (male and female).  Yes you will get the occasional gawker but that will happen no matter what you wear.  In truth: If you live your life seeking approval from 100% of the populace then you will die well before your life's ambition is realized, so we say: Enjoy yourself!  Be comfortable, be confident and be yourself. 

When wearing your new Apostrophe skirt for the first time, we suggest you try it on at home, wear it around the house and get comfortable with how it moves.  As a man that may have little experience with such attire, you will find that there are minor habits that need to be built so that your skirt does not get damaged in the daily journey of your life.  For example when walking up stairs, it is best to lift the hem of at least one leg so that you do not accidentally step on your skirt while ascending.  If both of your hands will be busy, then it is perfectly acceptable to tuck some of your skirt up into your waist line.  Our full bodied skirts will leave enough fabric to keep your comfortable while you confidently go about your day.  Also: Be cautious of corners or closing doors as it may be easy to close your skirt in a door or get it caught around protruding objects like unexpected edges of license plates. 

Now that you are comfortable wearing your new skirt at home, here is where you show some courage.  Take a day where you feel confident and care-free and walk a simple errand to the grocery store.  Walk with confidence in knowing that even though at first glance what you wear may have traditionally been worn by women, your specific attire has been selected by our design team to meet "male standards" as a "guys" skirt.    Smile off the nay-sayers and when complimented simply say:  "Thank you, It's Apostrophe".

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