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Skirt Line
Danielle Talaska has recently joined our team is and now delivering all of the awesome designs you see below.  Simply send us your measurements (we will let you know which ones) and we will be happy to build your own custom Apostrophe skirt just for you!

Have a concept for a skirt that you would love to see bear your name?  Send us an email with your ideas or requests and we will be happy to try to facilitate:

1. The David:
This is a starter skirt for those that are new to the skirt concept. It is the most affordable design Apostrophe will provide. In the $40 to $60 range. Even though this skirt will wrap-around, we are designing the skirt to still flow and move with the most comfort we can muster.
The fabrics used in this skirt will be light, airy and comfortable. (That is why you are wearing a skirt in the first place).

2. The Spaulding:
This is the skirt that inspired it all. This skirt is designed for its comfort, elegance, ease, utility and flow. The Damian can be worn with muscle tank tops right up to formal shirts. Warm when you need it to be and cool when you need it to be. The selected lightweight fabrics not only flow freely as you move but also make for a very comfortable experience when sitting or just hanging around with friends. Once you put one on, you will never want to take it off! A true must have for every wardrobe.
Price range: $60 to $85.
Heavier fabrics may also be provided for the colder seasons. Layering skirts in colder climates is also possible with this design.

3. The Gordon:
This skirt has been inspired by men's dress pants with pant style side pockets and back pocket, fly front and box pleat at the back for movement. Fabrics: Cottons, linens and other mid-weight fabrics for rugged use or even classy events. Final pricing to be announced. This skirt is perfect for the man that is new to skirts and would like to wear a skirt that is not only comfortable but also very discrete.

4. The James:
This is sure to be one of our best sellers. We already have a number of pre-orders outstanding. Inspired by jeans and casual pants, this skirt will feature pockets on the back, belt loops, fly front, and more details to come. Fabrics will be denim and other mid to heavy weight materials. This skirt looks like pants at first and forces you to "double take" once you get closer. An excellent wear for a new man trying a new breed of fashion.

5. The Marc:
Modeled after the traditional kilt but with a twist. This kilt is flat in the front with pleats across the back. There are straps and buckle details as well. Mid to heavy weight fabrics like denim, and wool are best suited for this design. This design built for the traditional Kilt connoisseur as well as individuals whom would like to wear a kilt without the extremely heavy price tag associated with it. The apparel is also great as a work, hiking or even comfortable camo hunting garment. Great for going out "on the trails" and even comfortable for renovation work around the house and other rough and tumble work. Built to last!
This design looks very close to a pant but has the complete comfort of a kilt. Prices to be announced.

6. The Neil
Inspired by this blog ... ing-skirt/
We are working to build our first prototypes soon. The online description says it all!

Let us know what skirt you can best see yourself in and we will put the ball in motion to bring to you the best a men's skirt has to offer. We have already been taking pre-orders for all of our lines and are very excited to be bringing them to you. This is a great time for men's fashion!

Ask us questions and we will be more than happy to answer. Final designs are still under way so if you have any questions or suggestions for our design team, speak them now!

All skirts can be built to fit any length and waist size. Custom fabric combinations will also be provided once the final designs are ready for public release. Simply tell us what you would like and we will build it to suit. Custom pockets, key holders and all!

New skirts coming soon!
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