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Wallet And Keys
The first thing you will notice when you wear one of our skirts is how remarkably comfortable they are.  
The second thing you will notice will be how it flows, feels and looks.
The third thing you will notice is that you no longer have pockets!  Where do you put your keys!
There are many solutions for this:

1) Yes we can build a small hidden pocket into your skirt to suit your exact need.  We can also hang hidden (or visible) hooks, chains or other great solutions as you desire as well. 

2) Scotsmen solved this problem by wearing a "Sporran" .  Others choose to wear Men's Leather Bags much like Indiana Jones.

3) Many choose to experience the freedom of going wallet free.  How do you do this?  Take a tag from your keys and simply tuck it into the waste line of your skirt.  The pressure of the waist will keep the keys firmly pinned to your hip.  Your over-shirt will then conceal the fact that your keys are free standing on your waist line.  The same can go for a mini wallet just large enough to hold a couple crucial cards.  Simply distribute your wallet in concealed ways around your waste and you can experience the comfort of living wallet free (no dangling mass on your leg) while also looking highly attractive in your new apparel.

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