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Mens Skirts Are Excellent
Little be known, skirts are the ultimate clothing.  They are warm when you need them to be.  They are cool when you want them to be;  and they are always comfortable no matter where you are.

Hot days:
On very hot days in full sun, the simple act of confidently lifting the hem of your skirt to about your knee does wonders with ventilation.  Air can quickly travel beneath the material and cool down your legs just as though you were wearing shorts.

Cold Days:
On cold days (even the dead of winter in Canada), wearing multiple layers of skirts is actually far warmer than pants on a man.   The many layers of material successfully break the wind from penetrating to the skin, and the blanket effect that surrounds your legs is guaranteed to keep you incredibly warm.
When choosing winter attire, thicker flowing fabrics are preferred.  You can always combine summer designs with winter designs in your layered approach.

A blanket anywhere:
Skirts are comfortable in-part because they are can act as a mobile blanket wherever you go.  When sitting on a couch, you can bring both legs onto the cushions and comfortably cover yourself with your skirt and feel just as comfortable as if you were wearing a robe or were lying in bed.  This is a must try for every male.

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