Package Handling

While wearing a skirt you will be asked by many women if you are wearing underwear.  Or many will want to ask if you are wearing undergarments but simply don't have the courage.  This is a common occurrence that normally leads to a fun and light-hearted conversation.

The truth about package handling is that for thinner cloths, it is most advisable to wear form fitting undergarments so that no obvious "bulge" would be apparent.  Men wearing spandex while cycling is an common occurrence in our culture and at those times undergarments are also advised.   Thankfully a skirt offers far more cover than spandex therefore you can wear a skirt with confidence no matter where you are.

When thicker fabrics are selected, we know some men prefer to go "commando".  Quite frankly this decision is up to you.   Traditionally Scots-men did not wear undergarments beneath their kilts however their kilts were made of thicker wool or wool-like materials and they often wore a Sporran (a bag that not only acts as a pocket but also as a way to cover the package as well).

Your choice of package handling is completely up to you.  It's always best to "be classy".

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